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Keepsakes FAQ

Yes! If you’re unable to drop off in Calgary you can have your flowers shipped to us.

You are responsible for shipping the flowers to us within one week of the wedding, although we strongly suggest overnight shipping to ensure the flowers stay in good shape. It is best to have the stems wrapped in damp paper towel and saran wrap or a plastic bag to keep it moist during travel! 

Fresh flowers have the best success with pressing. In order to provide a quality keepsake for you, we need to the flowers as soon as possible following the wedding (5 days maximum). Please keep flowers in water until delivery to ensure the integrity of the flowers.

One bouquet is enough! However, it can be helpful to add bridesmaids bouquets, extra greenery and/or centrepieces so we have more than enough flowers to work with. The flowers from your bouquet may not be in the best shape after being out of water all day so feel free to include anything extra.

Drop off is at your convenience.The address and further details for drop-off will be confirmed with you via email upon booking.
Please ensure your flowers are kept in water and your name is clearly attached to the bouquet. 

We suggest you designate a family member or friend to be in charge of keeping your bouquet in a cool, dry place and in water following the ceremony. Flowers press much better when fresh. So if possible, try to keep them in water, avoid damage throughout the night, or arrange for a vase at the head table for your bouquet to sit in for the evening.

If you are shipping your flowers - try to make a plan ahead of time to save time and stress.

Please remove any personal items, silk ribbons, broaches or anything attached to the bouquet that you would like to keep. We are not responsible for the loss of items left with or attached to the bouquet.

We press each bouquet for 4-6 weeks, empty the press and hand select the flowers and greenery that have turned out the best. From here, we get in touch with you for directions on the final piece…depending on when you book in and how busy we are, we may be booking quite far in advance for the creation of the artwork. If this is the case, it will be clearly communicated with you.

Once you have decided what you would like your final piece to be, we will put together a rough draft for your approval and send it your way. At this point you can suggest any changes or additions you would like to see. Once the rough draft is confirmed, we will adhere the flowers for the final draft, confirm once more, and seal it in.

We do use a flower specific sealant to protect the flowers for a long duration, but due to the entire process being natural and organic, you can generally expect some natural fading over time. As with any original works of art, you should avoid putting your piece in humid environments or in direct sunlight to increase the longevity of the artwork.

The fading is aesthetically beautiful and should be celebrated, we believe this is such a lovely sentiment to the aging process and a testament to how long you have been married for.

There are a few options for gifting which we like to clarify in advance:

1) Gift of deposit only (final invoice sent to the couple)
2) Gift of a specific package and any upgrade is up to the couple
3) Gift of entire piece (final invoice sent to you)

4) Gift certificate of any denomination

We do offer floating glass frames via a third party, but otherwise do not offer framing.

We do our very best to press everything in the bouquet, but there are definitely flowers that press better than others. We do try to avoid bouquets that are entirely white as white flowers are most susceptible to browning during the pressing process. Check out our list of favourite flowers to press here.

Flowers that have been dried out for weeks, months, years, unfortunately can not be pressed. We are only able to press fresh flowers. However, we are able to recreate your bouquet based off of a photo or flower list, get in touch and we will see what we can do!

Upon booking, you will pay a non-refundable $100 deposit upfront on our website to confirm your spot. The deposit will be added to the total cost on your final invoice. Please note that your wedding date must be approved before your deposit can be made.

Once the flowers have been emptied from the press, we will begin the creative process. You are not required to pay for the remainder of the final piece until it is finished and you are completely satisfied with the outcome.