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Janine Rose
So unique and special!

I'm obsessed with Ayla and her preservation skills. There's so many options that I didn't even think of when it came to preserving a bouquet, and there's styles and budgets for everyone. I went with a circular glass option, and I have zero regrets. It looks absolutely stunning, and I can't believe I get to enjoy my florals forever. I booked with Ayla quite last minute (literally the day after my reception haha) and while she couldn't get to my keepsake for about 9 months, she was able to preserve the bouquet immediately and make sure that it was taken care of properly and would last until the time came to put together the keepsake. It's perfect and was absolutely worth the wait. I had it shipped to Edmonton, and she packed it so carefully so that it survived the journey haha. Ayla also included some extras from the rest of the bouquet that was preserved, which was so thoughtful. Thank you so much for the wonderful keepsake, Ayla!! :)

Wendy Trueman
Extremely stoked about the final product

I discovered a bouquet keepsake quite late. I was scrambling to find somebody who could do it. My bouquet was already two weeks old and Ayla got back to me right away. She did such an amazing job preserving and pressing my wedding bouquet. We loved the final arrangement and framing. Would recommend this to anyone! So glad we were able to do this and have a little piece of our wedding forever. Thank you Ayla!

Worth every penny!

Ayla did an amazing job with my wedding bouquet to create something I will cherish forever. Her attention to detail and skills at creating a beautiful arrangement was great. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants something unique to hold on to.

Kelsey Guilcher
Excellent Work!

Ayla created a stunning piece of our wedding bouquet that we will cherish forever. I trusted Ayla with her experience and keen eye for detail, she recommended to increase the size from 11"x14" to 16"x20" so that she could include more flowers and really showcase the full bouquet. I was uncertain at first since I was unsure if it would be too large, however trusted her opinion and the piece turned out beautifully! It captures my bouquet from our day perfectly and I am so glad that I decided to go through this process as it is a memento I will always look at and think back to the best day. She even provided some dried flowers she did not use in the process and beautifully wrapped up the piece for pick up. I would highly recommend Ayla!

Beautiful work

Ayla's work with my wedding bouquet was beautifully constructed. I trusted her creative process entirely and the results were wonderful!