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Memory Game

The cutest collection of your favourite pressed flower prints + duplicates to play the game of memory...or any other game you have up your sleeve!

Measurements; each card is 2.5" x 2.5"

Quantity: 24 Pairs


Spring 2020 includes; whale, hedgehog, t-rex, sloth, seahorse, pig, paw print, unicorn, pineapple, owl, Llama, moose, butterfly, cat, narwhal, rainbow, bumblebee, fox, flamingo, chicken, moon, car, panda, bunny

Fall 2020 includes; fawn, VW, watermelon, dragonflies, cow, spider, bluejay, bear, lion, brontosaurus, giraffe, bison, chicken butt, fairy, hippos, fish, horse, koalas, orcas, monkey, parrot, mermaid, tractor, turtle